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Mypbx Hotel Module

Yeastar Hotel Module Addon

Yeastar Hotel Module Addon

The Yeastar Hotel Module Add-on is same as Billing System, but with a few additions exactly for hotels; room status, reservations, check-in, check-out, do not disturb, and mini bar processing. Advanced to meet increasing needs of small and medium sized hotels, MyPBX Hotel Module mixes rich IP-PBX features with expert hospitality features. Run your hotel with MyPBX Hotel Module to accomplish higher efficiency and greater success.

Mypbx BILLING - Yeastar MYPBX Billing System

Yeastar MYPBX Billing System

Yeastar MYPBX Billing System Addon

MYPBX Billing System provides for the rising need of a billing solution that can professionally display the calls and preserve record of each call received and transferred by MyPBX. Billing System can control and refresh extensions and manner inquiry on the basis of data. Both prepaid and postpaid are maintained.

Mypbx Call Recording Dubai

Yeastar MyPBX Call Recording Addon

Yeastar MYPBX Call recording Add-on

MyPBX Call recording add-on is for U series can appreciate automatic recording for clients most simply. The Call Recording add-on automatically notices every discussion on the phone and records all incoming and outbound calls. Monitor the discussion for many purposes required by your business and enjoy the advantage of inquiring, replaying and handling all call recordings.

Mypbx Mypbx Client - Yeastar MyPBX Client Addon

Yeastar MyPBX Client Addon

Yeastar MyPBX Client Addon Application

MyPBX Client is an application synchronized with MyPBX that links your PC and IP phones. With MyPBX Client, you can achieve several processes with check extension status, manage contacts, voicemails, and CDR of allowance, realize click-to-call and call popup, send instant messages between extensions, start a conference call, and make a call task, etc.