Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI


Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI- The office phone System

It is time to leave the outdated ordinary phone systems and step on to the technologically advanced and better telephone systems equipped with all the necessary functionalities required to ensure the perfect communication channel. With the help of internet, business has the power to communicate on a world wide scale and the communication is now all time powerful and in order to meet the demands and requirements of business life in this networked world, Panasonic has developed the Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI telephone system for you.


Panasonic has a winning formula that he applies in order to ensure a better living for its customers and save is the case with the Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI telephone system in which they have incorporated IP based communication solution that has a lot of features and has completely unified all the office life aspects.

Features of Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI

Through Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI, you can enjoy the benefit of all forms of VOIP – SIP. The salient features of this amazing telephone system are as follows:

  • Conference Bridge solutions
  • IP gateways
  • Wireless IP DECT mobiles
  • Mobile integration
  • Call center applications
  • ACD reports
  • Voicemail and fax to email

Structure of Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI

The main unit Panasonic KX- NS1000 DUBAI has a dual core processor on a motherboard that handles the system operation itself. The communication protocols through the VOIP- SIP, the IP- server implements H.323 and others. For the corporate networking, the Panasonic KX- NS1000 DUBAI CTI application is ideal. In such a case, the master is one station and it then manages the other. The space of telecommunications is also scaled on to the global system that has up to 16 separate divisions. Other than these, a single station appears because a single database manages such networks.

Advantages of Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI

Following are some of the main advantages of Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI.

  • A quick commissioning is enabled by the complex presets
  • Move from traditional telephony to the modern and amazing IP wired telecommunications infrastructure and the ideal tool for doing so is the Panasonic KX- NS1000 DUBAI.
  • Panasonic NS 1000 has provided you with a full combination of the features of communication channels and network telephony that come with the integrated advanced applications.
  • Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI allows you choose from wireless and fixed terminals, softphones and headsets.
  • Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI can easily cater to the requirements and demands of any multi-site or single-site organization.

Panasonic NS1000 DUBAI is an excellent communication system device that is made to tailor all your communication requirements and solve all your telephony problems. It allows you a brilliant transition from the traditional outdated communication system to a new wired IP modern networked communication channel that is impeccable in speed and technology and allows the corporate and businesses to meet all their communication requirements.