Cisco SPA 502G IP Phone


Cisco SPA 502G IP Phone

The Cisco SPA 502G IP Phone supports LDAPv3 for contact searching, Cisco XML-based Business Directory and features an easy-to-use logo and screen display. By using this SPA 502G user can control SIP 3rd party for server based apps and Cisco XML API support for latest applications. The Cisco SPA 502G supports for the normal SIP 2.0 protocol as well as Smart Phone Control Protocol, a derived of Cisco’s SCCP call control practice which is used on the Cisco UC500 platform.



Cisco SPA 502G IP Phone

The Cisco SPA 502G IP Phone is made to expand and simplify communications through your whole company or business. From the office to the conference room, a SPA 502G IP Phone offers sufficient features for everyone from directors and office workers to staff on your industrial floor. Your staffs stay creative and enjoy dependable access to voice and data communications anywhere they go, while the charges remain low. User-Friendly phone features Workers can take advantage of their Cisco SPA 502G IP Phone systems features, including: redial, speakerphone, conferencing, call transfer, intercom,  paging, volume control and many more. The SPA 502G is a complete interoperability and SIP-based featured set. This phone has been experienced to make sure they deliver full interoperability with equipment from SIP-based VoIP technology. Voice and Data together Combined communications on the Cisco SPA 502G IP Phone allow staffs make voice calls and access corporate data, such as company business directories, rapidly and simply, no problem where they happen to be working. Network compatibility These Cisco IP Phones incorporate easily with the Cisco Smart Business Communications System, and your Cisco system can automatically recognize the Cisco SPA 502G when is update is available into your network, reducing the cost and difficulty of adding or moving phones. These inexpensively priced, consistent, and trendy SPA 502G IP Phones provide a natural, rich user experience with wideband audio to connect workers and offices, application support on the phone to increase output and encryption for improved security. The Cisco SPA 502G provides a useful array of features with asset protection that can help your small business succeed.

Key Features of Cisco SPA 504G IP Phones

  • Full-featured business class IP phone supporting PoE.
  • Neutral backlit LCD for ease of use, aesthetics and live applications.
  • Connects straight to a hosted IP telephony service.
  • Wideband audio range for unrivaled voice clarity and improved speaker quality.
  • Easy installation and extremely safe remote provisioning as well as menu-based and web-based formation.
  • Supports up to 2 Cisco SPA500S 32-keys Associated Consoles adding up to 64 additional keys.
  • Supports together Session Initiation Protocol for Cisco SPA9000, open source, and hosted telephony solutions and Smart Phone Control Protocol for Cisco United Communications 500 Series for Small Business.
  • Play back and view individual MP3 files and photos through on-phone application.
  • 1-Line Phone
  • Dual switched Ethernet ports
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Supports SIP or SPCP protocol
  • G.729 and G.722 Wideband Audio Support
  • Menu driven user interface
  • Web based GUI, remote provisioning
  • IP dialing support
  • Hi Res LCD Display
  • 2.5mm stereo headset connector
  • AUX port (SPA932 or SPA500S attendant console is supported)
  • High quality audio handset
  • Full duplex hands free speakerphone
  • Hearing aid compatibility (HAC)
  • Support calls between TTY’s
  • Works well with GN Netcom, Jabra and Plantronics wired headsets
  • Optional PA100 Power Adapter and MB100 Wall Mount Adapter

Product Downloads

SPA502G Datasheet