Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module


Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module

The Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module is best to add up to 64 extra lines to your Cisco Small Business Pro IP Telephone which has 32-Button attendant console module. Each Cisco SPA 500S allows 32 lines and you can attach up to 2 SPA 500S to any of the Cisco Small Business Pro line VoIP Phones.



Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module

The Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module 32 Programmable Buttons is a perfect solution for small projects demanding to simplify incoming call handling by rapidly directing calls to the stated party and manage line position from a main location. It is made fully for the Cisco SPA500 Series IP Phones; the associated console easily assigns to an IP Phone, providing 32 programmable speed-dial keys, each enlightening the line’s status through the BLF. Incoming calls can directly be transferred to the correct location with the push of a key assigned to the extension.

The modular design of the Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module allows up to 2-attendant consoles to be installed, for a total of 64 keys offering a cheap solution that increases with the advance of your voice network. Fitting and setup is a matter of connecting the full bracket and cable to the associated console, which uses the phone’s power quantity; no extra power source is required. Based on the SIP, the SPA 500S Expansion Module has been verified to confirm inclusive interoperability with equipment from VoIP infrastructure leaders, allowing service providers to offer good, rich-feature services to their users.

Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module Features:

  • Adds support for 32 lines per module
  • Add up to 2 modules for a total of 64 lines
  • Well-matched with the following Cisco Small Business Pro IP Phones
  • Programmable multicolored LED buttons.
  • Add up to two Expansion Modules to your SPA 500 Series IP phone.
  • Easy setup with bracket and cable connections.

Product Downloads

SPA 500S Datasheet