Grandstream GXP2170 IP Telephone


Grandstream GXP2170 IP Phone

The Grandstream GXP2170 is the most powerful enterprise IP Phone which support up to 12 lines and 6 SIP accounts. The GXP2170 support up to 4 Grandstream GXP2200EXT Module.This IP Phone include some additional features such as built-in Bluetooth, PoE, 5 –way conferencing and 48 on screen digital BLF keys.


 Grandstream GXP2170

Product Description:

The Grandstream GXP2170 is a powerful enterprise IP Phone that is ideal for such users who handle high call volumes. The GXP2170 IP Phone includes up to 12 lines and 6 SIP accounts. This Grandstream IP Phone has 4.3 Inch color LCD display and full HD audio. It has some more features such as 48 digital on-screen BLF keys, integrated PoE, built-in Bluetooth and multi-language. This GXP2170 IP phone can connect to up to four GXP2200 EXT modules with color LCD display to access up to 160-speed dial contacts.

As all Grandstream IP phones do, the GXP2170 features state-of-the-art security encryption technology. It supports a variety of automated provisioning options including zero configurations with Grandstream’s UCM series.

GXP2170 Features:

  • 12 lines
  • 6 SIP accounts
  • 5 soft keys
  • 5-way voice conferencing
  • 48 on-screen digitally customizable BLF
  • 3 inch color screen LCD with (480×272) pixel
  • Dual Gigabit ports
  • Integrated PoE
  • Integrated Built-in Bluetooth
  • Supports up to four GXP2200EXT Modules for BLF access to up to 160 contacts
  • Multi-language support

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GXP2170 Datasheet